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Things to do in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Food & Wine Festival is an elegant weekend of connection through food and wine. For those looking to make the most of their weekend, here is a list of favorites in Steamboat for you outside of the festival.

Peruse the gardens of Yampa Valley Botanic Park

This free park has six acres of berms, ponds and gardens. Enjoy walking through 13 different sections of the park, from the hummingbird, sundial and foliage neighborhoods. Open from dawn to dusk, this is a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon for any of our festival guests.

Make reservations at festival-certified restaurants

If you aren’t attending one of our dinners one night, or are staying in Steamboat after the festival, take the opportunity to dine at some of our favorite restaurants like Besame, Laundry and Café Diva. There will be a concierge at the Grand Tasting to help guests make reservations if needed. 

Attend a show at Snow Bowl’s Summer Music Fest

The venue for our Friday night dinner and demonstration, The Whole Lamb, Snow Bowl hosts wildly fun shows all summer long on their outdoor stage. After the dinner, Fortunate Youth will be playing and they are joined by Tribe of 1 and Lola Rising on Saturday. 

Get custom hats from Steamboat Hatter

It wouldn’t be a trip to Steamboat without adding to our western wear. Steamboat Springs’ downtown has tons of locally-owned shops for all things festival, scroll down this page for more information on our list of festival wear. 

Visit the iconic, Fish Creek Falls

A 284’ waterfall located just outside Steamboat Springs, and only a ½ mile, round trip journey to feel the refreshing and serene alpine mist of Fish Creek Falls. It’s a must-see for a first-time visit to Steamboat. 

Relax and unwind with our lodging partners

From property rentals to hotel suites, the festival put together a list of lodging options for festival guests. A majority of them have amenities such as spas, recreation rooms and gyms for festival respite. Scroll down this page to view the list. 

The Steamboat Chamber of Commerce has plenty of resources for other options of things to do outside of the festival.


Your Festival Pack List

Steamboat Food & Wine Festival is an elegant weekend of connection through food and wine. The authentic character of Steamboat creates a setting where guests are immersed in thoughtfully curated experiences. However, Steamboat’s authentic character does present challenges when it comes to packing your bags. Our festival pack list can help determine what to wear.

Women attending a Dinner

This wrap-neck jumpsuit is perfectly Steamboat Food & Wine. Whether you’re attending one of the ranch dinners or a seminar downtown, this elegant western look would fit. If you’re thinking about packing light, Wanderlust Boutique has great pieces, pair it with a duster from Faherty and a hat from the Steamboat Hatter for when the sun goes down.

Women attending the Grand Tasting or Brunch

Something like this dress from Ruby Jane is light and functional for events like the Grand Tasting and Brunch. Pair it with Custom House of CuCu Cowboy Boots to Western it up.

Men attending a seminar into a dinner

The expedition collection at Banana Republic was made for layering, making it perfect for the guest going straight to dinner from a seminar or grand tasting. With options on ways to dress up, or down, the elevated ranch vibe. Throw an Overland jacket over the look for the cooler nights.

Men attending the Grand Tasting or Brunch

This Legend sweater shirt and black pants combo from Faherty is great inspiration for events like the Grand Tasting and the Brunch— comfortable and cool but still elevated.

View the schedule to find events to match your list to.

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A Sweet Conclusion

On an autumn Sunday in downtown Steamboat, 500 seats line Yampa Street awaiting guests. What sweeter way to conclude a weekend of inspiring culinary discoveries, than around a brunch table set only for you and those who shared this unique experience of food and wine with you.

Build your own bloody mary or coffee cocktail creation with Mark Stanford, dive into breakfast barbecue with Chef Bruce Kalman, or the Frenchest of toasts infused with champagne from Chef JC Stevens. Something Vinyl Club will spin the soundtrack to the most memorable of Sundays yet.

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Leading with Lamb

The Rocky Mountain Region isn’t particularly known for being generous to the people who grow and raise our food. But despite variable, year-round conditions and course soil types, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers dedicate themselves to this work for the reward of connecting us to the land. 

The Whole Lamb butchery demonstration and dinner returns this year to Steamboat Food & Wine Festival, with the help of our Ingredients With Integrity partners. On the stage at Snow Bowl, chefs, butchers and ranchers will share the stories of each step behind the farm-to-table concept; how community-supported agriculture preserves the rural characteristics of the Yampa Valley; and how sheep farming is leading the charge on ethically raising livestock to positively affect the flavors of our meals.

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How to Plan Your All-Access Experience

The All-Access Pass is the ultimate Steamboat Food & Wine experience. The pass gives you freedom to decide how you want to spend the festival weekend. With so many dinners, seminars, tastings and cocktail sessions to choose from, we made it easy for you. Below are three itineraries crafted for the type of experience that suits your style.

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The Full Immersion Itinerary

Make the most out of your weekend, leave Steamboat full of food, drink, knowledge and fond memories.

  • Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  An Introduction to Wine: WSET Level 1
  • Thursday 5 p.m.  Welcome party exclusively for All-Access pass holders & talent
  • Thursday 6 p.m.  Bubbles Bourbon & Burgers at Truffle Pig
  • Friday 12–1 p.m. Responsible Distilling: Drink Sustainably Seminar
  • Friday 1:30 – 3 p.m.  White Wines of Piedmont Seminar
  • Friday 4 – 5:30 p.m.  Creating with Cognac: Smoky Cocktails Seminar
  • Friday 6 p.m.  Intentional Influences with Id Est Hospitality Dinner at Jace Romick Gallery
  • Saturday 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  Margaritas 101
  • Saturday 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.  Prohibition Era inspired cocktails
  • Saturday 2 – 6 p.m.  Grand Tasting, Demonstration tent access
  • Saturday 8 p.m.  Industry Party
  • Sunday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  A Sweet Conclusion: Vinyl Brunch
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Setting and pouring
Pouring Mimosas

The Grand Sampling Itinerary

For those looking for a sampling of the whole weekend that is well-worth the trip, but not jam-packed.

  • Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  An Introduction to Wine: WSET Level 1
  • Thursday 5 p.m.  Welcome party exclusively for All-Access pass holders & talent
  • Thursday 7:30 p.m.  Caviar Surf & Turf at Primrose
  • Friday 12 p.m.  To California, From Spain: A Passing of the Oaks Seminar
  • Friday 2:30 – 4 p.m.  Tortillas, Tequila & Tinto Seminar
  • Friday 5 p.m.  The Whole Lamb Demonstration & Dinner at Snowbowl
  • Saturday noon–1:30 p.m.  Decadent Pairings: Cheese, Chocolate, Spirits & Wine Seminar
  • Saturday 2 – 6 p.m.  Grand Tasting, Demonstration Tent access
  • Saturday 8 p.m.  Industry Party
  • Sunday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  A Sweet Conclusion: Vinyl Brunch
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The Simmer & Savor Itinerary

A relaxed weekend at Steamboat Food & Wine Festival, a trip of a lifetime with downtime through the schedule to further savor the experience.

  • Thursday 5 p.m.  Welcome party exclusively for All-Access pass holders & talent
  • Thursday 6 p.m.  Bubbles Bourbon & Burgers at Truffle Pig
  • Friday 12 p.m.  To California, From Spain: A Passing of the Oaks Seminar
  • Friday 4 – 5:30 p.m. Creating with Cognac: Smoky Cocktails Seminar
  • Friday 7 p.m.  Exquisite Flavor: Huneeus Wine Dinner at Truffle Pig
  • Saturday noon – 2 p.m.  Sensation & Perception Seminar
  • Saturday 2 – 6 p.m.  Grand Tasting, Demonstration Tent access
  • Saturday 8 p.m.  Industry Party
  • Sunday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  A Sweet Conclusion: Vinyl Brunch
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Golden hour light at the barn


Where you stay can enhance your festival experience. Steamboat Food & Wine Festival chooses particular lodging partners to guarantee your entire weekend is luxurious. This year, lodging partners vary from private homes to authentic mountain condos and luxury hotel rooms. Festival guests who book with our partners receive discounted rates and benefits which are included under each lodging partner description. For further information pertaining to lodging, please contact via email.


Creekside at Torian Plum – Vacasa is the choice for guests of the festival that are just popping in for the weekend. With easy access to the Grand Tasting and all of our resort-based events, a stay at Creekside has all you need for a stay at the center of it all. To receive your festival discount by booking at Creekside call their booking team at (970) 879-8811.

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The Bear Claw Condos, through Elevated Properties, is the only one of our lodging partners with sites located on the mountain. It’s the choice for guests looking for a serene festival weekend by taking advantage of their on-site massage services, spa and fitness centers all while taking in the ridgeline views from above. Festival guests can book on their site, using the codes WINEFEST20 for a two-night day, or WINEFEST30 for three nights.

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As well as mountainside properties, Steamboat Lodging Company is one of our partners which offers properties directly downtown, divinely placed for the guest who’s looking to pick up some new skills at our seminars. Their properties sleep anywhere from 4–16 people, have private balconies and plenty of amenities from home bars to game rooms. To book a reservation with festival discounts, Call Steamboat Lodging Company’s booking team, at 1(970)457-4785.

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The Steamboat Grand is the lodging choice for the guest looking for accommodations that match the elegance of the weekend. Directly at the base of the mountain, The Grand’s 24/7 front desk service and luxury condos and penthouses provide an all-out experience for groups from 2–14 people. Guests of the festival can book their stay using this particular landing page.

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With properties across Steamboat Springs, Nomadness Properties’ private homes are perfect for guests with all-access tickets. Festival guests can enjoy all the luxuries of a private home including multi-car garages while being perfectly positioned for events at the resort and downtown. Festival guests can contact Kelli, at, or (888) 472-5777

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The Steamboat Springs Holiday Inn is the pick for the guest looking for a simple, lowkey weekend. Its on-site restaurant serves breakfast daily and has a sophisticated cocktail menu in the lounge. Though not allowed at the festival, The Holiday Inn is dog-friendly which is an added bonus for the less-is-more guest. Festival guests can use this discount link to book your stay here.

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the two miles of the Elk that runs through Marabou Ranch are dimpled with deep pockets of cold water, corralling trout and making it the destination to learn and master fly fishing. Complete with the perfect flys for casting, Marabou’s river keeper, Pat Stefanek, has all one would need to have a successful afternoon on the isolated river banks of Marabou. 

Fly fishing with Steamboat Food & Wine is a step above. As you gear up in the Owner’s Lodge, enjoy an exclusive tasting of specialty, single-barrel whisky with Maker’s Mark Brand Diplomat, Ian Hosack. When you return, an intimate Barolo tasting led by Attimo Wine founder and winemaker, Jon Schlegel, awaits. Paired with a lavish charcuterie plate from MEATBar, Jon shares the ins and outs of one of the most sought-after wine varietals in the world.

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There is something uniquely special about knowing where our food comes from and the hands that grow it. That expression of community and connection is why we take great consideration in supplying what we need from our friends and neighbors in Colorado to make the weekend delightfully unexpected. 

Ingredients with Integrity, a partnership tier for the festival, was created to promote these values. Partners with integrity support local, community-forward food purveyors throughout our festival. They recognize that a farmer’s work is never done and have immense appreciation for the benefits our community, economy and environment can have from such an initiative. 

Ingredients with Integrity allow us to act locally, contributing to enriching our economy, our planet, our health and each individual meal by sourcing more flavorful, community-centered provisions.

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a caviar farm takes the mission of Slow Food to the next level. Sturgeon are raised for 5 to 18 years in free-flowing, clean water until they naturally reach maturity. After the malossol preparation (the traditional Russian practice of adding 3.5% salt), Black River Caviar packages the oscietra, allowing the flavors of the brine and the nuttiness to mature in vacuum-sealed tins.

When it arrives at Primrose on Yampa Street, it’s served cold. Though the purists might suggest it’s served alone on a mother of pearl spoon, so as not to diminish the flavor, garnishing a blini or hand cut chip with flavors of chive, lemon and crème fraiche is an experience all its own.

To eat it, you’ll crush the fatty beads against the taste buds, and follow it with the bubbles of a velvety champagne. This practice ensures you’ll savor the buttery flavors of both. For as lengthy a process as caviar production is, there is no more instant a gratification.

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