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Taste of the Unexpected

There is a connection we share through food and drink. As the centerpiece of human essence, it brings us together.

Steamboat Food & Wine Festival deepens that connection by helping understand each ingredient’s story, from field to fork and vine to glass. It allows chefs to fully explore the nuances that influence flavor and guests to indulge in the fruits of their creations.

Rooted in collaboration, Steamboat Food & Wine Festival pairs admired chefs not only with renowned winemakers, but with each other. Guests are fully engaged in the energy that emerges from their culinary fusion—captivated by the surprise of each great moment.

The authentic character of Steamboat, CO, creates a setting where guests are immersed in thoughtfully curated experiences. Intentionally selected for their intimacy, the venues allow guests to be expertly guided toward personal revelations in taste.

Your Event Team

Nicole Jarman


Nicole has over 16 years of experience producing live events and experiences built on the platform of creating community. Curation, collaboration, community building and placemaking are the intentions encompassing Nicole’s work.

Through her company, Jarman and Co., Nicole has produced over 1,200 events throughout Colorado, raising close to $5M for non-profit organizations. Nicole’s professional relationship with Telluride & Steamboat started in 2012 during the five-year run of the USA Pro Challenge: the seven-day, professional stage racing cycling event in Colorado. With a strong emphasis on making a vision into a reality and focusing on true, authentic experiences, Nicole is thrilled to bring her passion to this new venture.

Brett Gnadt

Communications Director

Brett quickly grew a passion for events in 2013, managing communications and PR for a large professional cycling event for two years, and operations and tech management in the endurance sports industry for seven. After countless marathons, triathlons and festivals, she now runs her own business, providing operational management to non-profits, corporations and festivals, as well as wedding planning. She leads the Jarman and Co. team for special projects, internal and external communications, and all things process.

Kate Best

Program Director

Kate brings over 25 years of experience in the events industry and her home-grown love of all things food and beverage to the Jarman team. From weddings and conventions to concerts and sporting events, including two Superbowls, Kate has a talent for integrating creativity and executing on-trend ideas with exceptional customer service and collaboration. She is passionate about delivering memorable experiences to clients and supporting the communities within and surrounding her work.

Russell Cohen

Operations Director

With over 15 years of experience producing live events, Russell specializes in strategic planning, procurement, transportation, shipping and logistics. He has coordinated over 1000 large-scale, high-profile events around the globe including Iceland, the Middle East, Africa, Sweden, Canada and in nearly every state throughout the US.

Russell’s logistics role at Jarman & Co ensures the streamlined and optimal acquisition and distribution of all essential event materials, vital for producing a world-class event.

Jordan Verroi,
Jordan Verroi

Marketing Director

Jordan Verroi left the corporate world in 2013 as #2 salesperson in a Fortune 500 company to create the life he’s always dreamed of. Now, as a successful Founder, Investor, and Advisor, he brings 14 years of experience into strategically growing companies across Events, Concerts, Retail, CPG, Media and more.

His expertise lies in crafting full lifecycle growth strategies, encompassing brand partnerships, marketing and advertising.  Beyond his professional achievements, Jordan is passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. If you’ve made it this far and are still reading this; he’s probably skiing right now!

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